Eye Problems

by A Y Marian.

Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Eye problems can result from anything from pollen to simple overuse. Discharge from the eye can be from tired or irritated eyes watering, an infection or other problem. Eye irritation can happen easily and unless you are prepared to deal with it, can disrupt your activities because of the discomfort.


Irritated eyes may itch, ache or feel gritty. They may be sensitive to light, and your vision may become blurry. There may be eye pain in some cases. Eyes may become watery or produce a thick or crusty discharge.


There are many causes for eye irritation. Blepharitis is a common inflammatory ailment that affects the eyelids, causing burning, itching and irritation. The eyes may feel sandy, itchy and be red or swollen. There may be crusty discharge. Dry eye syndrome is another possible cause of irritated eyes. Keratitis is more serious and may include an infection of the cornea. Sties may form around the eye and cause irritation. Ocular rosacea may cause a burningor gritty feeling in the eyes. Other causes may be allergies, dust, smoke or other irritants in the eyes, overuse and eye strain.


If eye problems do not go away in a short time, you should get your eyes looked at by a medical professional. The irritation may really be an injury like a torn cornea or a more serious condition that needs to be diagnosed.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

  • Bilberry – this herb helps night vision, when eyes get strained and tired. It also improves shortsightedness. This herb is good for eyes in general; it protects against retinal damage and can halt the progression of cataracts.
  • Bupleurum – this herb is used in Chinese medicine, which believes that eye problems are dependent on liver weakness. This herb helps the liver and strengthens the eyes and your vision.
  • Ginkgo biloba – this herb will increase circulation to the eye and protect the tiny capillaries found there.
  • Goldenseal – this anti-inflammatory herb is useful in treating irritation and infections of the eye. It also decreases swelling.
  • Goldthread – this herb will relieve inflammation and infection of the eyes. It is antibacterial and antiviral and relieves pain. It can be taken both internally and if strongly diluted, as an external eye wash as well.

External Applications

  • Calendula – this herb is soothing and reduces swelling and itching as well as inflammation. It is helpful in infections like conjunctivitis, irritation due to pollution, allergies and minor injuries. It is antiseptic. Apply as a compress or use as an eyewash or eye drop.
  • Coleus – this herb increases the blood flow to the eye. It is an antihistamine and can be used as eye drops, the effects of which lasts for several hours.
  • Eyebright – this herb is useful for both inflammation and infection and irritation of the eye due to allergies, colds, flu and pollution. It helps relieve eye strain from overuse, bright lights and other stresses. It soothes and healsburning, itching eyes, relieves light sensitivity and the sticky eye gum or yellow discharges that sometimes occur in irritated eyes. Use this herb as eye drops or take internally.
  • Chamomile - make an infusion with 2 sachets of chamomile, cool and apply one to each eye for 10 minutes. Repeat 2 - 3 times a day to relieve tired and irritate eyes.

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