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Boldo – (Peumus boldus)   Boldo is an evergreen tree that grows very slowly. It only grows about 6 to 8 meters tall. It produces a small fruit that resembles a berry. The flowers develop as either male or female, and each plant will only produce one sex or the other. The tree grows in the Andean area of Peru and Chile, as well as some parts of Morocco. Italy, Brazil and North Africa Read more


Birch – (Betula pendula, Betula pubescens, Betula alba)   Birch trees are found all over and they are known for their distinctive papery bark that peels off. The tree is small to medium sized, and they form catkins when they bloom. Today they are mostly planted as ornamental focal points in the landscape. Not many people realize that the leaves and bark are quite widely used in various Read more


Ashwagandha – (Withania somnifera)   Ashwagandha is a two foot tall shrub that has been used as a medicinal herb for 3,000 years. It is related to the tomato and has small yellow flowers that turn to red fruits about the size of a raisin. This plant is native to India, parts of Africa and the Mediterranean. While it is grown commercially, much of the harvest is taken from the wild as Read more

Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel – (Laurus nobilis)   The bay laurel is a small evergreen shrub that is native to the Mediterranean area. The shiny green leaves are leathery and aromatic. The bay is also known as Sweet Laurel, Roman Laurel, Wreath Laurel and Indian Bay. Used by the oracle of Delphi in divination rites, the bay has a long history with humankind. Laurel leaves were used to make garlands for Read more


Arjuna - (Terminalia arjuna)   The arjuna tree grows to about 60 to 70 feet tall and is found in India, Ceylon, Sri Lanka and Myanmar in Himalyan forests. The herb is used in Ayurvedic medicine and has been for over 3,000 years. Many studies have been done on this herb to confirm its efficacy for the ailments for which it is prescribed. These include studies that have provided positive Read more


Angelica – (Angelica archangelica, Angelica sinensis)   Angelica is a tall, striking plant in the garden with large umbels of flowers in summer. It produces masses of seeds and will happily reseed itself every year. It is used medicinally, in confections and as a flavoring. Other names for this herb are Angelic herb and Root of the Holy Spirit. Growing to over 3 meters it takes its Read more


Albizia – (Albizia lebbeck, also known as Shirisha or Women's Tongue Tree) Albizia is a tree in the legume family that lives in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Common names for this tree are the Siris Tree, Shirisha or Women's Tongue tree. In some areas, this tree is considered invasive. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for allergies. The active constituents in the Read more

Sore Throat

Sore Throat Sore throat encompasses quite a few ailments, like tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, strep throat and more. It is usually a symptom of another problem. Sore and tender throats may be accompanied by colds, the flu, or fever. Symptoms Symptoms may include a tickle or sand-papery feeling in your throat, pain upon swallowing, difficulty swallowing, swelling and symptoms of Read more

Skin Burns

Skin Burns Skin burns are classified as either first degree, which is the least serious, second degree, where blistering is present, and third degree, where the entire thickness of skin is damaged, including nerve endings. Symptoms For a first degree burn, the skin will turn red and you will feel enough pain that it is noticeable. A second degree burn will also have blisters, some swelling Read more


Ringworm Ringworm is a fungal infection that is most frequently seen on the scalp, body, feet and nails. This infection is very contagious and can spread through direct and indirect contact like combs, clothing and pool surfaces. It can be contracted from other people, pets, the soil or prolonged wetness of the skin. Symptoms The most visual symptom of ring worm is the red ring that Read more